Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

Whenever my parents come to town for a visit, my mom always arrives with something amazing that she made. Whether it’s a craft project or the gorgeous quilts she made for our girls, I am totally in awe of her creativity and talent.  She puts so much time, thought and love into everything she makes. I wish my parents lived closer because I miss them so much, but I truly cherish the time we get to spend together when they are here visiting with us.

During my parents recent visit, my mom and I made this adorable burlap tree. My mom saw that I had some cone shaped styrofoam, that I picked up at Dollar Tree, tucked away in a closet. She said they would be perfect for the burlap trees she made last year. She was inspired by the ones she saw in the Ballard Designs catalog, but leave it to my mom to put her own creative twist on it and make them even more awesome!

We started by laying out a large piece of burlap, approximately 18″x18″. I received a burlap fabric sample from in my swag bag from the Haven conference I attended last summer. I love the quality and color of this burlap and it was perfect for our project. We used foam brushes to coat the burlap with fabric stiff. Once the fabric dried completely we cut strips approximately 6″x1″.

Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

Next, we removed a few of the burlap threads from each side of the strip of burlap. I would like to mention that we made one tree with the stiff fabric and one without. The stiff fabric made removing the strands more difficult and time consuming, but it does keep the burlap from fraying so I think it was worth the extra effort.

Before we started to assemble the tree my mom said we would need a little stand of some kind to act as the trunk and also something to put on top of the tree. During a trip to Suzanna’s Antiques in Raleigh my mom found a couple of vintage wooden thread spools for a few dollars. Then on one of several shopping trips to Michael’s she found the most adorable little gold pine cones that were on sale and we have plenty of them left over for more projects.

Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

Once we glued the wooden spool to the styrofoam we started at the bottom criss crossing the burlap strips and attaching each strip with a pin to the styrofoam cone.

Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

To complete the tree we glued the pine cone to the top and added a bit of sparkle by painting each tip with some gold glitter paint. We used Martha Stewart brand glitter paint which we also picked up at Micheal’s. It was the perfect finishing touch to this adorable little burlap tree.

Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

Glitter and Gold Burlap Tree

I  am so in love with this petite and precious tree as it is a reminder of the special time spent crafting with my mom and  I look forward to enjoying the sweet memory year after year during the holidays.



  1. Love the little tree! Can’t wait to try this myself. Such a great memory you have with your Mom. Enjoy her while you have her…I miss mine!

  2. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    Very original and ho ho so cute..

  3. I love it!!..and love the added gold touches that really makes it sparkle…How great is it that you and your mom love to create beautiful things..

  4. The best Christmas decorations are the ones made with family. My daughter and I made a wine cork wreath this year. She even learned how to use a drill (she’s 22)! It was a fun day. I enjoy seeing your projects.

  5. That is neat! You are blessed to still have your mom around, especially to do crafts with! My mom was sooooooooooo creative – I miss her. Hey, why not post this on our All Things Christmas Lin Party going on right now! I’m sure lots of people would love to make one while they still have time! Trisha

  6. So sweet that you and your mom worked on the tree together. I love the gold accents! Happy Holidays!!

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